Recycling facilities available on site

For your benefit we now have facilities on site to collect:

  • Unwanted scrap metal – please put in the trailer next to Community Room
  • Broken glass – please put in the blue bin on hardstanding area
  • Plastic bottles and cans – please put in the brown bin on hardstanding area

No items should ever be placed or removed from plot 131 without prior agreement from the Committee or authorised volunteer.   

Thank you

Scrap metal collection point

Plants for Sale

Good News!

Once again we are growing plants to sell and raise money for our Allotment Association!

We can promise you: 

  • Great quality plants at very affordable prices
  • We are growing all kinds of vegetable, greenhouse and flower plants
  • They will only be put out for sale at the ‘right time to plant’ and where necessary, properly hardened off!

Look out for further information

It’s too early to sell you anything yet but please think about supporting your allotment community before you buy from garden centres and other retailers.

Benefits of Membership

The Association has three types of Membership grade:


As a Member you can:

  • Vote at General Meetings of the Association and have your say in how the Association and the site is run
  • Become a Tenant and rent an allotment plot from the Association
  • Be considered to take on the Tenancy of a family member's plot in the event of their death
  • Be issued with a site key - £25 deposit required
  • Walk around the site unsupervised
  • Purchase items from our Shop in person or online at

We would encourage anyone who is a regular visitor to site to become a Member.

The fee for this grade is £5 per calendar year. However, at the moment we are in the process of changing our Membership and Tenancy year to begin in October. Therefore, the membership fee is currently £3.75.

To get details of how to join please email secretary [at]


As an Associate you can:

The fee for this grade is £1. Membership Agreement forms are available from the Shop.

Corporate Member

We are very lucky to have a number of local business partners without whom many of the projects the Association has completed in recent years would have taken longer, cost more or simply would have not started. If your organisation is interested in becoming a Corporate Member please email corporate [at]


National Garden Scheme 2021

We are thrilled and delighted to announce that our beautiful allotments will be supporting the National Garden Scheme in 2021 on Saturday 1st May and 24th July. The first Derby City Council site to achieve such an accolade and allowing us the opportunity to support other charities doing what we love - plotting on plots (and talking!) 😍